Unpolished Desi Chana Dal (500 g)


  • Exclusively sourced from 12 certified organic small-scale farmers.
  • Grown using desi seeds (not hybrid), sun-dried & cleaned upon harvest.
  • Freshly extracted in small batches.
  • 31 lab tests done. Free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Unpolished Desi Chana dal from certified organic farms

About The Farm

Dals are grown using desi seeds (not hybrid seeds) The whole dals are sourced exclusively from 12 farmers in two villages of Uttarakhand – Patkot & Kotabagh. Check organic certificate.

About The Process

The dals are grown without pesticides & chemicals The dals are sun-dried and cleaned by the farmers Procured, processed and packaged by Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Lab Tested

31 tests conducted independently by Leap Club. Zero Adulteration: No traces of heavy metals (7), chemical pesticides (14) or contaminants found in test. Check lab report.

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