Alphonso Mangoes From Ratnagiri – Premium (12 pcs) | Certified Organic


  • Certified Organic
  • Naturally ripened
    without any carbides
  • Tested for 50+ pesticides

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Enjoy the Sweetest Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri this summer!

The Original Ratnagiri King Alphonso Mangoes – the seasonal show-stopper, plucked fresh from the farms and delivered to your doorstep.

With a sweet, natural aroma that can easily fill up a room, they have a thin, delicate skin and a fleshy pulp that has a wonderfully sweet and juicy flavor.

Sourced directly from small farms in villages of Ratnagiri district, they are grown using natural, organic farming techniques.

Single-origin, responsibly sourced for a true Farm to Table experience!

Kindly note that the mangoes will be slightly unripe when they are delivered.

Storage Information
As they are naturally grown, they need to be stored slightly differently.

It may take 3-5 days for mangoes to ripen once we deliver. Store them at room temperature in the box with the lid opened. The mangoes should be kept in the open air so they can breathe as they ripen.

Keep monitoring them, they might ripen quicker.

P.S : Green mangoes can be ripe too!

– Leave semi-ripe mangoes *in the box* at room temperature for 1-2 days to ripen.
– Cut the mangoes only when they have ripened. They will not ripe once cut.
Farmer Information

We believe in 100% transparency and so here are the full details.


Farmer Name – Vinay Ketkar

Farm Location – Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

You can find out more information and mango certification by clicking on this

Mango Ripening Information
1. Ripe mangoes have yellowish tinge on some parts. Semi-ripe mangoes are fully green.
2. Ripe mangoes will be soft in touch. Semi-ripe ones will be firm on touching.

Once mangoes start turning yellow, you can dip them in water for a few hours before consumption. This will remove the excess heat from the Mangoes.

Don’ts: Don’t wait for them to turn to a fully bright yellow color.

Do’s: Do watch out for the top central area, if it starts turning black, it is advisable to cut them as otherwise, they will start turning black due to over-heating.

Note: Even the ripe mangoes will not be fully yellow as they are not ripened chemically.
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