You deserve to know the journey of your food

Truly Organic

Independently Lab tested for 50+ pesticides. No pesticides or adulterants found.

Absurdly fresh

Oils are extracted and flours are milled every 15 days.

100% transparent

We will share information on the farmer who grew your product.

Cold pressed oils 

Wood pressed oil extracted at low temperatures. Oilseeds sourced from certified organic farms.

Original price was: ₹390.00.Current price is: ₹380.00.

Unpolished Desi Dals

Dals grown using desi (non-hybrid) seeds. Sourced from 12 certified organic farmers in Uttarakhand.


Stone-ground Whole Wheat Flour

Grains sourced from certified organic Ram Krishnan Organic Farms.Freshly milled every 15 days. 

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How can I fully trust that your products are genuinely organic?

We are committed to bringing you 100% pesticide residue free food to you. When you buy any of the above products from us:

  • We will share which farm your packet comes from.
  • We work with certified organic farmers. You will receive this certificate on your first order from us
  • In addition to this, we will share the latest lab report conducted independently by us from reputed laboratories for over 50 pesticides and adulterants.


How are your products different from organic groceries sold by other brands and platforms?

To the best of our knowledge, none of the other brands are willing to share with their users organic certification or the farm from which they procured the products.

These brands procure from a large number of farmers. Without full traceability and independently conducted lab tests for pesticides, they cannot guarantee that the product you purchased from them is 100% pesticide free.

Try asking them for a test report next time you buy from them?

How are unpolished dals different from regularly available dals?

Usually the dals available in market are polished dals. They have fibre stripped out of them. Unpolished dals have nutrients and fibres intact and so they are healthier. 

Unpolished dals also taste better but we will leave that upto you to try and tell us 🙂

Letter from the founders

Dear Patron, 

Are you blindly trusting your organic food seller?

As a consumer, you pay a premium to buy organic food and you still get nothing except a ‘claim’. Try asking about the farmer name, latest lab-test reports and the answer you will get will be: “Sorry, it’s a trade secret”.

This should not be acceptable.

You deserve authenticity. You deserve open and honest communication about the food you buy. And that’s the reason we exist.

We will transparently share about the farmer who grew your food, how it was processed and the test results that back our claims of giving pesticide-free and healthy food.

We look forward to your support in this journey.

Please hold us accountable, always!

With absolute integrity,

Divish & Shubham


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