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100% Natural and Healthy Bread Subscription Plans

100% Natural and Healthy Bread Subscription Plans


How does our Subscription works ???

Weekly Delivery | Choose Delivery Date | Manage over WhatsApp

Choose Natural,  CHOOSE HEALTHY

Choose Your Monthly Subscription Plan

Choose Your Monthly Subscription Plan

Why should you choose our subscription?

Why should you choose our subscription?

Confused which Bread should you choose?

Your choice of bread is dependent upon your goal. Click the button below to help you find a perfect bread according to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leap Club Bread Subscription?

Subscription is our way of telling you that we are committed to providing you healthy preservative-free bread at the lowest prices. 

In our subscription model, you don’t need to worry about ordering your bread every week, we automatically deliver it to you on a day pre-decided by you on a weekly basis. 

How exactly does a subscription work?

Select your subscription plan from the website and decide what kind of bread you want for this week or month.

Once you opt for a subscription, our team will send you freshly-baked bread at your doorstep every week on your decided day. Our love is complementary!

Alternatively, you can text us on WhatsApp and we’ll take it from there. 

Does this mean that I can try a different bread every week?

Look who is being smart! Yes, this exactly means that you can try different bread every week from the list given below.

What is the delivery charge?

Do you really think that we will charge a delivery fee from our special customers?

Once you opt for any of the Leap Club subscriptions, delivery charges become ZERO. 

Can I Skip/Pause/Cancel my bread subscription?

Of course! Just text us on WhatsApp if you want to:

  • Skip: If you don’t feel like eating bread this week, SKIP it. 
  • Pause: If you are out of town for a few weeks and want to temporarily pause your subscription, PAUSE it. 
  • Cancel: For any reason, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel it anytime. 
Why should I opt for a subscription?

Once you opt for a subscription, we’ll take care of everything from coordinating with the bakery to delivering the bread to your doorstep and doing this every week. Here are some of the perks:

  • Try Different: With our subscription plan, you can try different loaves of bread every week. 
  • Free Delivery: Who doesn’t love something free? And that too 1-day free delivery!
  • Budget-Friendly:  One loaf of Multigrain Bread that costs 200/- INR just costs 125/- INR with the subscription. You can save around 4000/- INR yearly, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
  • Our promise: Our Promise remains concrete strong- No Maida, no Sugar, no added colors, or preservatives
  • Flexibility: You can Skip/Pause/Cancel your subscription anytime. 
  • Convenience: You can manage everything via WhatsApp. 
Will I have to renew my subscription every month?

Yes! You’ll have to keep renewing your subscription every month. This gives you the flexibility to choose between the plans.

I am confused! Which bread should I choose?

Well, if you are new to this bread universe,

FIRST STEP: STOP eating commercial bread with immediate effect. 

Instead of commercial bread try naturally made whole wheat yeasted bread. If you still want to upgrade, then our website has a great range of Sourdough bread too.

If you need any help in selecting the best bread for you, you can ping us on WhatsApp and we will recommend you some of the best natural bread.

In case, you don’t want to interact with a customer service executive (we understand the introvert in you), you can directly use this form to assist you in finding a perfect bread. 


See what our customers have to say about us

“I have been using Leap Club for over a month for freshly baked breads. In fact, I also carry their breads with me on my trips so as not to miss on them. Delivery is reliable & breads are sent hygienically & sustainably packed in paper bags”

Capt. Vishal Jain

“Everything is perfect! I mean you can really make out the difference in the breads we were eating before & something so fresh that you guys deliver. I am looking forward to trying new products & you are doing a wonderful job!”

Gauri Saxena

“Everything was great!

Sourdough bread are really good, by the time I came home – it was all finished, which is a good sign”


Nandita Pradhan

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